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We offer text links, creative ads and banners ads as standard and we will also consider editorials as long as they are directly relevent to the subject of this site and likely to be of interest its visitors. has been active since 1997 and is well-established in the best known search engines. Google, in particular, has played a massive part in our success so these options are ideal if you want to be found. Please note that we do not send any third party marketing emails to our members so there are no email-related advertising options available at

Talking Numbers's page hits vary from day to day and month to month depending on England-related news, fixtures, tournaments etc. So our advertising options are based on a full year at a fixed and competitive cost with no limit on the number of pages they are shown within. With 2018 being a World Cup year, now is a great time to get in touch with us and promote your product or service!

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